The Jewish Wedding

All couples meet with the Rabbi twice before the wedding; ideally once about 9-12 months before the wedding, and again about 6-8 weeks before.

If the Hazzan is also to take part in the wedding, there will be two meetings with the couple.

Auf Ruf

Typically, the Shabbat prior to the wedding ceremony the couple is called to the Torah for an Aliyah and blessing.


Every legal procedure in Jewish life is confirmed by at least two “kosher” witnesses. These witnesses should not be of the immediate family. All Jewish documents must bear the signatures of two kosher witnesses. The witnesses have to witness three events during the wedding:

  • The giving of a ring by the chatan to the Kallah (the exchange of value);
  • The handing over of the Ketubah (marriage contact) to the bride;
  • And after the Chupah, the bride and groom go to a private room where they break their fast.