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Meet the Staff


ECC Director

856.675.1166 x 420

Ayelet was lucky enough to spend her childhood moving around Israel and California before settling in Long Island, NY. She graduated from Pratt Institute where she dabbled in as many art mediums as she could fit into a semester! Ayelet comes to the ECC with more than 20 years of management, administrative and healthcare experience. Ayelet and her husband, Matt, are proud parents of ECC graduate, Maya, and their newest addition Sadie is one of the happy students in our ECC.

Ayelet has always had a love of her Jewish and Israeli roots. When you stop by to visit you will find Hamsas adorning her walls, as a constant reminder of her family in Israel. Being first brought into the ECC as a parent, Ayelet had a unique perspective on then joining as a staff member. The ECC is her second home, and the teachers, Clergy and staff are her second family. Being the director of the ECC is a labor of love. You will not find a bigger cheerleader for the ECC!! Ayelet loves to paint and build things with her daughters, and to play dress up and go on adventures with them. When Ayelet has a few moments to herself, she can be found reading a good book, painting, making jewelry, or watching 80’s movies. Ayelet also really loves Nutella.

Ayelet loves visitors, and as a typical Jewish mommy, will likely offer you some food. Come on by and say hello!
To learn more about our ECC, please contact Ayelet at [email protected]


Suzy Peltzman, Joann Sherman, Renee DiMatteo

Morah Suzy has been with Beth El for more than 5 years. Prior to joining our family, Suzy worked as a pediatric nurse for CHOP. She has also worked as an RN in the medical surgery unit in the OR and as a camp nurse at JCC Camps at Medford. Suzy has 3 grown children and 2 dogs. According to Suzy, “I love teaching in the baby room. I feel like they are such clean slates. I love seeing them grow, learn, and discover new things. I love encouraging their social, motor, and developmental skills. I also love working with the parents, it’s all a team! I look forward to coming to work everyday and seeing my babies!” 

Morah Joann has been a preschool teacher for  five years, 3 of which has been here at Beth El. Prior to joining our family, Joann was a co-teacher at Congregation Shir Ami in Bucks County in the 90s. According to Joann, “This program has been an amazing experience for me as I realized how important and rewarding caring for infants can be.  Witnessing them reaching their milestones and being a part of forming them into amazing little humans has brought me the greatest joy.” 

Morah Renee has been a teacher’s assistant at Beth El for three years. She graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. According to Renee, “I love teaching because I enjoy watching the babies grow and reach milestones.”


Nancy Rodriquez & Peaches Holmes

Morah Nancy has been at Beth El for 3 years working with our toddlers. According to Nancy, “I love having toddlers as little babies and then the change to when they start talking, it happens so quickly! Trying to handle the young toddlers while handling my own toddler at home 💓”

Morah Peaches has been teaching for three years now and this is the start of her second year at Beth El.  Peaches is a native New Yorker!  She is currently in school herself for Business Administration.  Peaches love teaching because she loves watching the kids grow and become more independent. “I am looking forward when the kids can say new colors and shapes, and when they use their manners and of course when they have fun!”


Michelle Licht & Nanette Patras

Morah Michelle has been teaching for 16 years, encompassing infants through preschool. This is Michelle’s 3rd year at Beth El. Michelle says, “I enjoy teaching because each day is a new adventure filled with fun and laughter.”

Morah Nanette has been teaching for 1 1/2yrs.  Nanette is in school studying education and digital marketing at Rowan College of South Jersey. Nanette says, “I love teaching because I get to watch them grow and help guide them along the way.”


Sandy Finkelstein & Claudia Hernandez

Morah Sandy has been with Beth El for 9 years. This is her 7th year as a head teacher for the toddlers. Sandy has a degree from Ithaca College. According to Sandy, “I love working with this age because I get to see these kids turn from babies into real people. I get to see them learn to walk and talk and communicate. I feel like we get to know each other.”

Morah Claudia has been with Beth El for 8 years. She is from El Salvador and has twin daughters. According to Claudia, “I like working with toddlers. I think for me it’s the perfect age – the kids learn more, they catch everything.”


Michal Alboher & Ronit Daniel

Morah Michal has been at Beth El for 16 years. She is originally from Israel and says that this school in particular “feels like home.” Michal says “I love working with young kids and seeing how they change everyday. Also, I think that working with kids keeps me young!”

Morah Ronit has been teaching for more than 11 years. She got her start teaching in Israel after she served in the IDF. She has been part of our Beth El ECC family for 7 years. She loves to bake with her students and says, “I like to see them grow. They change so much from beginning of the year to the end. I get great satisfaction in seeing them understand what we are teaching and what we are doing.”


Jessica Poirier & Heather Parrish
Morah Jessica has been teaching for 16 years, mainly in high school math. She is excited for her 2nd year teaching here at Beth El. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University and a master’s degree from Western Governors University, both in mathematics education. According to Jessica, “My favorite part about teaching is sharing the joy of discovery with my students. My goal is to help my students develop confidence in their own abilities. I love that I get to learn from and grow with my students.”

Morah Heather has been with Beth El since March of 2023. She’s currently in school for nursing at Rowan. Heather says, “It’s a great joy to work with kids because they are still learning the basics of life and their feelings.”


Colleen Bevans & Emil Dreyfuss
Morah Colleen is new to the Beth El ECC! Colleen is currently in school pursuing a degree in Education. She has previous experience working as a paraprofessional for children with special needs. Colleen has a 16 year old daughter. According to Colleen, “I like watching the kids learn and explore their world. This is such a fun age!”
Mr. Emil has been teaching at Beth El ECC for 3 years and has had experience in childcare for the past 10+ years. Emil is finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology and Development from Southern New Hampshire University with plans to pursue a career in Child Psychology and Education. According to Emil, “With a heart committed to making a difference, I have gained extensive experience working with children from diverse backgrounds and demographics. Answering the call to work with children and education is guided by a deep-seated goal – to empower every child to thrive. Through research, compassionate counseling, and innovative teaching methods, I aspire to break down barriers that hinder a child’s development, ensuring each one reaches their fullest potential. With an unwavering dedication to fostering resilience and empathy in the young hearts of tomorrow, I am on a mission to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all children.”


Sherri Evans & Karen Hess
Morah Sherri is new to the Beth El ECC! Sherri has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has been working with children for more than 25 years. Sherri has 4 children and enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family. Sherri says, “The three year old year is such an exciting year where children gain a sense of self, while learning to compromise, problem solve and respect others. My goal this year is to provide [the children] with a fun and educational journey through multi-sensory, hands-on learning activity. I look forward to a fabulous school year and am very excited to have joined the prestigious team at Beth El!”
Morah Karen has been at Beth El for 6 years, but she has worked in preschool for more than 20 years! She loves traveling, mah jongg, and reading books. She is also a mother to three daughters. Karen says, “Every day is a new day!  It is amazing to see how much the children learn each day and they always bring a smile to my face!”


Lora Hellman & Jodi Abrams
Morah Lora has enjoyed teaching the 3s at Beth El since 2011. Lora has a Nursing Degree, and a Masters Degree in Education. She is also a mother of two wonderful grown children. According to Lora, “My goal is to instill confidence and a love of learning in each child so that they will always enjoy learning and have positive attitudes towards acquiring education. I try to create a loving, nurturing, and fun classroom experience for children. I call all my children “MY LOVIES,” and I enjoy seeing the children grow, develop, and mature. I believe that when you teach you also learn, and I hope that my teaching makes a difference in their lives.”
Morah Jodi has been working with us here at Beth El ECC for about 5 years, but has been part of the Beth El family for years. Her two daughters went through our ECC (they even had Morah Susan and Morah Paula!) Morah Jodi has been teaching for many years and has a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Jodi says, “I have a special place in my heart for the ECC since my kids went through the program. We are members here, my daughters got Bat Mitzvahed and Confirmed here. It’s wonderful to see other children having the same experience that my girls did and being able to grow in the Beth El family through the ECC.”


Joan Yesner & Paula Levine
Morah Miss Joan has been teaching preschool and Kindergarten enrichment for more than 20 years. She joined the Beth El ECC family during the 2020-2021 school year. Miss Joan graduated from Rutgers and has also completed post-graduate courses in Applied Behavior Analysis. According to Joan, “My happy place is being in the classroom. It is a magical place where we create a community of learners. Where we are all part of something bigger than each person individually. Where we learn together,  not only academics, but empathy, team work, social skills, life skills and more.” 
Morah Paula has been at Beth El for almost 25 years!! Her twin grandsons grew up at Beth El ECC. According to Paula, “It’s a great joy to be here, that’s why I’ve been here all this time. It’s fabulous watching these kids and their families grow. I’m happy that I had something to do with their growth.”


Susan Giglio & Elana Doar
Morah Susan has worked with us for more than 23 years.  She began working as a lead teacher in the 4 year old program where she helped to create the curriculum/program that is still being used today. She taught in our Kindergarten for more than 15 years and has been back to her roots in the 4s since 2022.  According to Susan, “I have the ‘best’ job.  I get to watch the joy in the faces of the children when they realize they have read their first word or written their very first sentence! It is a wonderful feeling.”
Morah Elana has been at Beth El ECC since 2006 primarily working in our Kindergarten classroom. She has been with the 4 year olds since 2021. Elana is originally from Israel and has 3 kids who have gone through Beth El Religious School. According to Elana, “I love teaching because I love kids. I’ve been around kids my whole life. I love Beth El because I feel like it’s my 2nd home. I like to bring my Israeli culture to the school.” 


Sheryl Morales & Genessis Garcia-Giron 
Sheryl Morales has been with us at Beth El since its inception in 1998 (we are celebrating her 25 years with us at our fall game show event on November 2!) She has worked with ages infants through four year olds, teaching the fours for more than 15 years. In addition to being a lead teacher of our 4s, Sheryl is also the director of our summer camp. She has an degree in Elementary Education and Speech Pathology from Kutztown University and a Masters degree in Childhood Studies from Rutgers University. According to Sheryl, “I have only ever wanted to be a teacher and I am so happy that I get to do this everyday.”
Genessis Garcia-Giron has been with us since 2021. She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology. For the past 10 years she has worked as a classroom aide as well as a one-to-one behavior assistant. According to Genesis, “It’s fun see the world through [the kids’] eyes. Watching them discover and develop is fun and interesting to me to see all the different stages of development in real life not just in books.”


Educational Director

856.675.1166 x 419

As Educational Director, Rabbi Nogah Marshall oversees curriculum, staff supervision, and instruction of our Early Childhood Center. Rabbi Marshall has focused her work on children, families, and special needs individuals. She specializes in creative curriculum development, family & adult education, and building a passionate, inclusive, nurturing Jewish community. Her educational philosophy centers on experiential education coupled with religious observance, “One of my goals is to create a love of Judaism in my students so that they want to learn and incorporate it in their daily lives. This can be done by creating a solid foundation and a strong sense of community. It’s not just about education, but about community.” 

Rabbi Marshall received her Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University, a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University, and was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary and earned a Master of Hebrew Letters. While attending Brandeis University, Rabbi Marshall was a member of the swim team, violinist in the Orchestra, as well as a member of the traveling Israeli dance troupe, B’yachad. She loves to travel and has a strong passion and love for the State of Israel. And one of her hidden talents is juggling!

Rabbi Marshall, her husband Scott and their children Karni, Eyden, Austin and Jaclyn are thrilled to be a part of the Beth El family.