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Kindergarten at Beth El

We are so excited to be offering our Kindergarten next year, with our incredible dynamic duo, Morah Susan and Morah Elana! Our Kindergarten provides your child with the safe nurturing environment that they have grown to know and love, while setting them up for future success heading into grade school.

Why Beth El?

Within their classroom, your child will grow and thrive with not only the state approved curriculum and milestones, but with the added bonus of building their language skills by learning Hebrew on a daily basis. Year after year we have families return to share with us how well prepared their children were upon entering first grade in either the public or private school of their choice.

Top Kindergarten Program in South Jersey

Our Kindergarten has been featured many times in local publications and recognized as one of the best programs in the area.  We are proud to offer such an incredible program, packed with differentiated learning, unique experiences, amazing field trips, and two teachers who are adept at meeting each child where they are at to make everyone feel welcome.  Morah Susan and Morah Elana work in tandem in order to cultivate positive relationships with each child and parent, while curating their program accordingly by adapting to, and meeting the needs of each child.

Call us today to learn more about our Kindergarten program!