Shabbat morning is our primary time for services. We are very proud of our Main Sanctuary service, which is the primary venue for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of learning to come together in prayer.

The service runs from 9-12am, but as Rabbi Krupnick likes to teach, it begins for you whenever you get there. The service features beautiful traditional prayers led by our hazzan (we love to sing), words of Torah shared by our rabbis (we love to learn) and a full Torah reading by our corps of over one hundred (and counting) readers trained by our hazzan.

The congregation follows the reading in the Eitz Chaim Chumash. Newcomers to Beth El overwhelmingly tell us that they appreciate our “laid back” and “engaging” style and we are proud to provide such a welcoming setting for all.

We also offer a wide variety of services on Shabbat morning, including Shabbat Pray and Play (4-6 year olds), MY Service (grade school) and Teen Service (7th grade – high school). (You can read more about those services in the “Youth Services” section of this website.)

At the end of the various services, all participants are encouraged to join the conclusion of services in the Main Sanctuary. On a “typical” Shabbat we can expect over 400 people to join us. At the close of our Shabbat morning service, our Bimah is flooded with children who lead us in the concluding prayers.

Our Shabbat Kiddush is a special time as well. That chance to socialize is also an important part of our overall mission in creating a meaningful Shabbat experience for everyone.