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Picking the Date

Selecting a B’nai Mitzvah Date

The process of selecting a B’nai (Bar or Bat) Mitzvah date begins approximately three years prior to the child turning 13-years-old. As a general rule, dates will be assigned to boys around the time after their thirteenth Hebrew birthday. For girls, dates can be assigned between their twelfth and thirteenth Hebrew birthdays.

There are a wide variety of options to choose from. A B’nai Mitzvah may occur during Shabbat Morning services, Shabbat Mincha (Afternoon) services concluding with Havdallah, or Sunday Rosh Chodesh services.

Families have many reasons for requesting a B’nai Mitzvah date that may be unrelated to the birth date of the child such as time of year, weather, traveling considerations, etc. While we empathize with your reasons and will review all your requests, we may be unable to honor them.

Our B’nai Mitzvah Committee reviews all requests and will assign dates as they see fit.

As new families join Beth El, it may be necessary to assign additional B’nai Mitzvah dates and circumstances could result in a previously single Shabbat morning B’nai Mitzvah becoming a double.