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Pay Beth El Online

This site can be used to submit payments applicable to your Beth El statement. Please select a billing item from the drop-down list and enter the dollar amount to be applied to each item. Beth El reserves the right to reallocate and apply payments to oldest amounts first.

Please note: The Voorhees Project Capital Campaign and Special Fund Raising Events are PAYABLE BY CHECK ONLY, not by credit card.

Please send payment to the Beth El office at 8000 Main St., Voorhees, NJ 08043.

Shop Here

Please support Beth El by shopping at the stores you love! By initiating your online shopping session through our Beth El website, participating retailers will rebate a percentage of your sale back to Beth El. By doing so, and without spending an additional dime, Beth El will receive rebate dollars. This is a simple way to support Beth El with no additional expenditure on your part. Participating retailers include establishments for dining, clothing, food, books, music, travel and so much more. Remember, the only requirement is that you initiate your online shopping session through our Beth El website. Your shopping adventure starts here. Happy shopping!


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