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The obligation of saying Kaddish rests with those members of the family who would normally wear the kriya. Parents, spouses, brothers, and sisters all have the obligation of saying Kaddish for one month. Children are obligated to say Kaddish for their parents for 11 months minus one day.

Our daily minyan is an oasis of comfort for those who are in their year of mourning, and we are grateful that so many of our members honor their parents with attendance at our daily minyan.

We would hope that our members would make the commitment to say Kaddish on a daily basis for their parents in the 11 months of mourning. However, our members also know that the name of the parent will be recited at the daily service when the Torah is read throughout the entire year, regardless of whether a family member is there or not.

The Beth El Family is here for you in sadness and celebration. Please know that Beth El will do all we can to make meeting life’s challenges that much easier.

Please call the office and let us know how we can help at 856-675-1166 or [email protected].