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If a loved one passes, the first call should be to the local Funeral Chapel. They will give you instructions on what to do next. Please wait until you have spoken with the clergy before making any funeral arrangements, including the scheduling of a service. If the service is scheduled without consulting the clergy, there is always a chance that he may not be available.

The clergy will quickly schedule a meeting with your family. The family should invite anyone who would want to share insight for the eulogy to this get together. Shiva services will also be scheduled at this time.

Beth El can provide the shiva books as well as lower chairs on which the mourners may sit. You can expect that on most, if not all nights of shiva, one of the Beth El clergy will be there to conduct the service. If, on the off chance none of the clergy is available, a member of our Ritual Advisory Committee will lead the prayers.

One does not sit Shiva Friday night and Saturday (Shabbat), and you and your family should come to our services at Beth El. You will be greeted with the traditional words of comfort during the course of both services, Shabbat evening and morning.

The kriya (the torn clothing or black button) first used at the funeral is not worn on Shabbat and should be taken off prior to coming to services.