Habonim Year End BBQ 6.16.22
5th Annual Golf Classic & Game Day 6.13.22
Sisterhood Sangria, Smores, and Singdown 6.7.22
Senior Sendoff 5.25.22
Kadima Mini Golf Outing for 3-6 graders 5.22.22
Religious School Year End BBQ 5.22.22
Men's Club BBQs for the Religious School 5.22.22
Religious School Gimmel Chag HaSiddur 5.21.22
Religious School Bet Concert 5.18.22
Religious School Hey B'Yachad Program "Tracing Our Roots" 5.15.22
Religious School Gan "What's In A Name?" Project 5.15.22
NYC Theater Trip to The 10 Commandments: The Musical 5.10.22
ECC Celebrates Yom HaAtzmaut 5.5.22
ECC PTG Mom's Night Out 4.28.22
Clergy Boys Concert Honoring Beth El's Past Presidents 4.25.22
Religious School Day at JCC Camps at Medford celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut 4.24.22
Religious School Traveling Seder 4.10.22
Religious School Aleph Family B'Yachad Program 4.3.22
Chesed Cooking for JFCS and congregants in need 3.28.22
KaHaL History of Jewish Philadelphia Trolley Tour 3.20.22
Purim Megillah Reading 3.16.22
Purim Carnival 3.13.22
Kadima Purim Costume Bowling Party for 3-6 Graders 3.12.22
Beth El Religious School Gimmel B'Yachad Family Program on Siddurim 3.6.22
Guys Night Out at Double Nickel Brewery 3.3.22
Sisterhood Challah Bake 2.17.22
Kadima Ninja Warrior 2.13.22
Religious School PJs and Pennies Day 2.13.22
ECC Havdalah Pajama Day 2.8.22
Phil Podell Memorial World Wide Wrap 2.6.22
Shirley Mangel Minyan & Study Chesed Challah Bake 2.3.22
Teen Night at Top Golf 1.23.22
MLK Day of Service 1.17.22
Sisterhood Challah Bake 12.16.21
Habonim Chanukah Party 12.2.21
USY Turkey Trot Lounge Night for 8-12 Graders 11.24.21
Kadima Chanukah Mitzvah Madness for 4-7 Graders 11.21.21
Sisterhood Pumpkin Challah Bake 11.18.21
ECC Moms & Teachers Night Out at Woodcrest Country Club 10.28.21
Men's Club Torah on Tap 10.19.21
USY Amazing Escape Room Challenge 10.16.21
The Bible Players visit Religious School 10.13.21
Tallis & T'fillin Class 10.10.21
Kesher Hebrew High School Kick Off 10.5.21
Take Me Out to the Sukkah 9.26.21
USY Laser Tag and Booksmiles Book Sorting for 8-12 Graders 9.26.21
Habonim Grillin’ Chillin’ Sukkot BBQ 9.23.21
Religious School Meet & Greet 2021
Tashlich at the Lake 9.7.21
Ice Cream Social at Primo Water Ice 8.3.21
Habonim Mix N’ Mingle Reunion 7.22.21
Ice Cream Social At Diane’s Water Ice 7.15.21
4th Annual Golf Classic and Game Day at Woodcrest Country Club 2021
Kavod Lag B’Omer Bonfire for LGBTQ Adults & Allies 2021
BERS Lag B’Omer Field Day at JCC Camps at Medford 2021
Kadima Mini Golf Outing at Pleasant Valley for 4-7 Graders 5.16.21
Kadima Game Day for 4-7 Graders 4.18.21