Bar/Bat Mitzvah Seminar (7th grade)

Instructor: Rabbi Aaron Krupnick

This course will help our students focus more on the meaning and obligations of becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our students will become sensitized to the fact that living as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah means integrating the personal, family and community experiences of a Jew. (1 semester)

Jewish Lifecycle (7th grade)

Instructor: Jodi Bloch

Have you ever-wondered why people visit the Mikvah (ritual bath) or what a Pidyon HaBen is? Or why some brides and grooms fast on their wedding day? In this course you will examine important moments in a Jew’s life from birth to death. Get ready to understand the traditions and laws that have shaped Jewish life for thousands of years. (Full year)

Modern Israel (7th grade)

Instructor: Alan Kritz

Who are Israel’s most famous pop music stars? How is an Israeli teen’s life different than yours? What would it be like living in Israel today? If you ever wondered about the answers to these questions (and many others), Modern Israel will give you a window into modern Israeli life.
From skiing on Mount Hermon to snorkeling near Elat, Modern Israel will cover such topics as sports/recreation, military service, university life/options, city/kibbutz life, fashion/shopping, places to visit across the country, high-tech industries (including military drones and the Iron Dome missile system), archaeology, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The class will include iPads, art, videos, discussions, and the creation of a Modern Israel game and game show. (1 semester)

Holocaust (8th grade)

Instructor: Alan Kritz

This course is a detailed study of the Holocaust – what happened, why it happened, and what impact it will have on generations to come. This class is always a highlight for our HH II students. (Full year)

Back to the Basics –Parshat Hashavua- Bible (8th grade)

Instructor: Gamaliel Respes

Remember all those Bible stories that you learned in Hebrew School? Well, this class will review the old tales and begin to explore them for their adult meaning. What impact do the exploits of Abraham or Moses have on our lives today? How can we learn from their examples? (full year)

Israel (9th grade)

Instructor: Chaim Respes

This is an intensive class focused on the history, politics, and culture of the modern state of Israel. The comprehensive curriculum includes the history of Zionism, the formation of the State of Israel, Israel’s wars, successes, struggles, and current debates. (1 semester)

Jewish Ethics/Mishnah (9th grade)

Instructor:Gamaliel Respes

Life is full of moments that leave us wanting more. Whether it’s a bowl of ice cream, a beautiful star filled night, or a comment from a stranger or friend – these are chances to gain deeper meaning from life and ourselves. Judaism has a number of ways that help us find that meaning. One of those methods is the Mishnah. Through stories and interactive discussions let’s journey through the questions of the past and the things that puzzle us now and maybe discover a little more of life and ourselves. (1 semester)

Jewish Living (9th grade)

Instructor: Gamaliel Respes

What does it really mean to live a Jewish life? How will all of this Jewish stuff affect you as an adult and how do you decide that? This class will look at different styles of bringing Judaism into your life so that you will be more prepared to make those decisions as an adult. (1 Semester)

Jewish Living and Values Class (9th grade)

Instructor: Rabbi Nogah Marshall

Exploring Jewish History, Holy Texts, Values, and Observances through conversation, games, drawing, and experiential learning, with a special focus on Jewish understandings of other religious traditions.

Real World Judaism (10th grade)

Instructor: Chaim Respes

Learn how to keep your Jewish identity after Hebrew School and how to keep your connections to your community while in college. Understand how your Jewish identity will come in to play in the workplace and the importance of raising a Jewish family. Identify how modern culture and technology can either help or hinder your Jewish identity. In other words, what comes after Confirmation? (1 semester)

Israel Seminar/Senior Project (10th grade)

Instructor: Chaim Respes

Before the Israel trip, get to know the places you will see and the things you will do on the Confirmation Israel Trip. After you return, Chaim will lead a post-experience seminar focusing on continuing relationships with Israel and how Israel can be relevant in our adult lives. As Confirmation approaches we will begin to focus more on the Confirmation ceremony and projects. This class will also include an ongoing correspondence with Israeli peers. (Full year)

Rabbi Green’s Confirmation Class (10th grade)

Instructor: Rabbi Green

Exploring Jewish History, Holy Texts, Values, and Observances through conversation, games, drawing, and experiential learning, with a special focus on the ancient Jewish presence in the Land of Israel, from Joshua to Bar Kochba. (1 semester)