For 7th – 10th graders

Directed by Binyamin Stone

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 – 9 PM

We want HH to feel like a family where teachers and students work together towards a common goal. Every staff member of Beth El’s Hebrew High will focus on the emotional well-being of our students.
Our ultimate goal is that every lesson should be interesting and applicable.

We want every class to feature at least one clear and relevant life lesson learned from the Torah, a life lesson that students can immediately apply. We want our students to see how our precious Jewish traditions can be relevant and meaningful today as they were thousands of years ago. Finally, we want our students to walk out of every class just a little more proud of being Jewish.

Hebrew High will focus on social interactions between students, which will help our young people build new friendships with local Jewish teens. The vehicles to make this happen will be outings, group games and activities as well as voluntary mitzvah projects and student committees.

As Beth El HH parents, we encourage you to ask yourselves:

How is Hebrew High giving my child enrichment that the public schools cannot provide? Will Hebrew High make my child think, speak, and communicate better?
hat life skills can we learn from the Torah?

How can my child become kinder, more cooperative, and more respectful?  How can HH improve my relationship with my child?

How can Hebrew High classes inspire my child to become more of a risk-taker and critical thinker?
Nachshonim 15-16 Travel Log

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Student Handbook and Course Catalog 2015-2016

Project Lev Application (9th & 10th graders)