The Award Winning Family B’Yachad (together) Series is a theme-based program for children in K – 6th and their parents. It uses an interactive and engaging educational component, as well as a creative hands-on element. In a fun atmosphere, families create heirloom-type ritual objects that enhance their understanding of the mitzvah, ritual or prayer they have learned.

Gan (Kindergarten)

Shabbat in a Box

gan challah

In this program families learn the skills of preparing for Shabbat. They learn about Shabbat, how to braid challah, decorate candlesticks and make either a challah board or challah cover. The last leg of the program is an actual Shabbat Seder where they get to use everything they made and learned and go through the steps of Shabbat, lighting candles, blessing their children, making Kiddush, eating a ‘meal’ together, saying Birkat Hamazon.


Aleph (1st Grade)

Passover Adventure: From Slavery to Freedom  


In this newly designed program, we take our families on a journey through the Haggadah by focusing on the Ten Plagues. With a combination of crafts and lively discussion, each family creates a ‘plague basket’ that can be used at the Seder to bring Passover to life for everyone. Some projects include making a boils puppet, jumping frogs, and  livestock masks.  The program culminates with everyone taking ‘a walk through the Red Sea’, just like our ancestors did after being saved from Pharoah.


Bet (2nd Grade)

Havdallah; Spice and Spirit


The Havdallah program gives our families an opportunity to learn the mitzvah and customs associated with Havdallah. They discover the reasons for the different components of the Havdallah service, learn the three blessings and create their own kits. A beautiful ceremony closes the program.

Gimmel (3rd Grade)

My Siddur


The Gimmel year is the year our children celebrate receiving their siddurim . They spend a lot of time working on their prayers. The ceremony of Chag Ha’Siddur takes place during services on a Shabbat morning. In the course of this workshop children will work WITH their parents in creating their own siddur covers as they discover many aspects of the siddur together.

Daled (4th Grade)

Sh’ma is for Living




In this program families study text containing the Shema, and with their children, fulfill the mitzvah of “v’shinantam l’vanne’cha,” “and you shall teach your children.” During the course of their learning, they discover the beauty and protection of the mezuzah. They create a beautiful ’tiled mezuzah’ with a ‘mock’ klaf that they write. (They are shown the real klaf and given an opportunity to visit the gift shop to purchase a real klaf for their new mezuzah.) They also have an opportunity to chant the Shema and learn the blessings for putting up a mezuzah.


 Hey (5th Grade)


Tracing Our Roots


This is one of our most meaningful workshops. In it students and their families get to discover what their legacy means to them by  researching their family history together and designing their individual family trees. Students leave this program with a deeper understanding of their backgrounds, as well as a treasured representation of their family history.



Vav (6th Grade)


Build a Pair of Tefillin


This program engages our families by providing the opportunity for learning about the mitzvah of t’fillin through text and table discussion. Our families then use the “United Synagogue Federation of Men’s Club” kits (Build a Pair) to build and decorate mock t’fillin. The process is wonderful as parents help their children and reawaken their own Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences. The children and parents are then invited to participate in the Federation of Men’s Clubs’ “World Wide Wrap” wearing their mock t’fillin.