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Adult Education (CoLeL)

Community of Life-Long Learners

“ When I pray I talk to G-d, but when I study G-d speaks to me. ” - Rabbi Louis Finkelstein
photo The word CoLeL, an acronym for Community of Life-Long Learners, is pronounced like the word (Kollel), which means a "collection" or a "gathering" and refers to a group of people who come together to study. Many who study in Kollel make it their full time job. Others find a fixed time to sit and learn on a regular basis. But whether one attends everyday or less frequently, the motivation is the same: to be a life long learner.
At Beth El's CoLeL we recognize that the task of Jewish Learning is never over, and the rewards of Jewish study are sweeter when we are more mature in out approach. It's never too late, nor too early to broaden the scope of our Jewish knowledge. At Beth El's CoLeL we offer something for everyone. We offer serious, fun and provocative opportunities with flexible time schedules. If you are a budding chef you might try our series - Cooking with Chef Louis. If deeper Jewish learning is what you crave, then one of Rabbi Krupnick's Jewish Text Series is your pick. Our staff includes our esteemed Rabbis, Hazzan and Educational Directors. In addition, to our clergy and staff, we have numerous guest speakers at our Tuesday Lecture Series and one time events throughout the year.

This video is of award winning writer, Bret Stephens, when he spoke at Cafe 67 2015.

For the 2016-17 Beth El Colel brochure, click here