“When I pray I talk to G-d, but when I study G-d speaks to me. ” – Rabbi Louis Finkelstein

The word CoLeL, an acronym for Community of Life-Long Learners, is pronounced like the word (Kollel), which means a “collection” or a “gathering” and refers to a group of people who come together to study. Many who study in Kollel make it their full time job. Others find a fixed time to sit and learn on a regular basis. But whether one attends everyday or less frequently, the motivation is the same: to be a life long learner.

At Beth El’s CoLeL we recognize that the task of Jewish Learning is never over, and the rewards of Jewish study are sweeter when we are more mature in out approach. It’s never too late, nor too early to broaden the scope of our Jewish knowledge.

We offer something for everyone: serious, fun and provocative opportunities with flexible time schedules, whatever your interests may be. We hope to see you at one or all of these wonderful programs, classes and events.

If you would like to become involved email Rabbi Nogah Marshall at nmarshall@bethelsnj.org.

September 14 – Evening with Beth El Members and authors Fred Behrend and Larry Hanover
October 29 – Frimmet Goldberger
November 10-11 – Veterans Shabbat
November 30 – An evening with Rabbi Joseph Potasnick
December 2 – Menorah Madness
January 18 – Colel Goes to the Movies
March – Artist in Residence Esther Cohen-Eskin
April – Scholar in Residence
May – Jewish Philadelphia Walking Tour