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Spring 2015 Brochure

Do Re Me Music Club with The Conservatory of Musical Arts –  דו רה מי – NEW

Music for Do Re Me! is a fun exploratory music program setting the foundations of lifelong music learning. Primary focus will be on helping students learn the basics of melody and rhythm through engaging singing, games and instrument activities.  We will start to introduce the basics of musical notation giving students the tools to start composing and making music.


Mini Sports – מיני ספורט

Mini Sports includes sports activities, fitness and games. 

Emphasis will be put on the fundamentals regarding each sport, safety, drill and skills. 

Children will also be educated about the basic techniques of each sport.  The first session will include Olympic games, Basketball and Football skills.


Growing Tall Garden Club NEW 

Students ages 3, 4, and 5 will enjoy learning in our after school Growing Tall Garden Club.

This club will be a collaboration with the Camden Children’s Garden and will include weekly science-based lessons, fun hands-on experiments, and nature themed craft projects.

Topics will be seasonally themed and include hibernation, seeds, sprouts, & germination.

Get ready to have fun learning about the exciting things happening beneath the snow this winter! 


Dance & Cheerleading – ריקוד, בלט, ג’אז

Dance and Cheerleading are taught as a combined class. 

The class includes ballet, jazz and cheerleading.  Children are to wear ballet slippers and a dance skirt. 


Kickin Karate – קראטה

Structured specifically for the preschool aged child, these classes will cover the basics of karate as well as eye/foot coordination, basic motor skills and various fun and exciting activities.


Art Exploration – אמנות

Experience art by using many different media such as paint, clay, markers, etc.. 

Learn about colors, shapes, lines & texture while studying paintings by famous artists through the ages.

Bring smocks.