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    Week of  October 5-9, 2015  (22-26 Tishrei 5776) 

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    Week of  October 12-16, 2015  (29 Tishrei- 3 Cheshvan 5776) 

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    Week of  October 19-23, 2015  (6 - 10 Cheshvan 5776) 

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    October 10, 2015 ~ 27 Tishrei 5776

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    October 11, 2015 ~ 21 Tishrei 5776

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    Weekday Minyan Times

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      SUKKOT Erev Sukkot Sunday, September 27 Evening Services          

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    Upcoming events

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    For the 2015-16 Beth El Colel brochure, click here To register for Lunch Break Learning, Pirkei Avo

Our Groups

Our vibrant synagogue is full of active groups and committees working to make Beth El, our community, and Israel a better place.

Our Men's Club, Sisterhood, Habonim (empty nesters), Hazak (seniors) and Young Families Group (families with children at or below bnai mitzvah age) provide a home for everyone. Programs support the synagogue and community at large, while also offering an opportunity to mingle with people who have a common bond and interests.

Our Social Action and Israel Advocacy Committees bring social awareness and relevant programs about our community and Israel to our attention through events, emails and hands-on mitzvah projects.

Our Youth Groups provide dynamic and fun programming for children ages 5 - 18. College Connection picks up once they graduate!

Truly, there is something for everyone at Beth El. Please look at the next few pages to learn more about the diverse groups at Beth El. We hope YOU will get involved.