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    Week of April 14 - 18 , 2014  (14 - 18 Nissan 5774) 

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    April 20, 2014 ~ 20 Nissan 5774

Machar (Grades K-3)

photoMachar is a youth group that focuses on our younger students in K-3rd grade. We are socially driven with a Jewish flair. We have events once a month, mostly on Sundays following Hebrew school.

Machar's goal is to have our children connect with other children through discovering how great it is to be Jewish. Our past events have included: Apple Fest where the children make and eat candy apples, play apple games and do apple crafts; mystery movie; hands on science experiments; chocolate Seder (the whole service is chocolate, including the Seder plate!); all candy bingo (even the markers are candy) and much, much more!

We also have many mitzvot activities throughout the year. We make Hanukkah treats for seniors during the winter and we hold a tzedakah fundraiser in the spring. It is inspiring to watch such young children participate in Tikun Olam (repairing the world).

We try new events every year to keep things fresh, but the children look forward to the "traditional" events too.

Machar is a great way to start becoming active in our Youth Department early. The sole purpose of our group is to have FUN and if you attend any of our programs you will see that we do!

Upcoming Machar Events


For more information

Please contact Ilana Katronetsky at ilana.katro@gmail.com for more information.