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    Week of  August 24- 28, 2015  (9- 13 Elul 5775) 

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    Week of  August 31- September 4, 2015  (16- 20 Ellul 5775) 

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    Week of  September 7-11, 2015  (23- 27 Elul 5775) 

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Habonim / Empty Nesters


Habonim is the antidote for the empty nest! Our children are gone (most of the time). Some of us may still be working; others are active retirees. We cook together, pray together and share life's experiences together. Our group embraces this stage of life, and makes the most of our new found time to enjoy ourselves!

Empty Nesters belong to Habonim! Habonim gives you the opportunity to develop friendships with people of common life interests, and to participate in dynamic, fun, and entertaining activities and programming.

If you have an empty nest, you belong to Habonim!

We welcome you and your ideas to our group.

Upcoming Habonim Events


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For more information

Please contact Judy Simkin at lensim@comcast.net or Margie Blum at blumfamily01@comcast.net if you'd like to join Habonim, if you'd like more information, or to become active in our steering committee.