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    Week of April 23 - 25 , 2014  (21 - 25 Nissan 5774) 

  • 28

    Week of April 28 - May 2 , 2014  (28 Nisan - 2 Iyar 5774) 

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    Week of May 5 - 9, 2014  (5 - 9 Iyar 5774) 

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    April 26, 2014 ~ 26 Nissan 5774

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    April 27, 2014 ~ 27 Nissan 5774

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    Cafe 66 - Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration

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    Habonim Phillies Game

Hebrew High School

Directed by Rabbi Noah Arnow

HHI (7th grade), HHII (8th grade), HHIII (9th grade), and HHIV (Confirmation 10th)

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 - 9 PM


We believe that keeping teenagers engaged in Jewish learning is not only imperative for the health of our Beth El community; it is also a key component of insuring the future of the Jewish people. At Beth El Hebrew High School, we have developed an innovative program, relevant to the needs and interests of today's middle school and high school students. And we've developed the program to be flexible enough to enable our kids to participate, even with their incredibly busy schedules.

The curriculum is designed to be varied and fun. Thursday evening is Rabbis' Night: In addition to learning with our fine staff, every student will take a class with one of our esteemed Rabbis, Rabbi Aaron Krupnick and Rabbi Noah Arnow. Tuesdays are fun, social and educational with 6 to 8 week modular workshops such as: Kosher Cooking, Israel Through her Movies, Current Events, Jewish Artisan, Exploring Israel through Google Earth, and many more.

In an attempt to remain relevant to the needs of our teenagers, we have implemented a leadership curriculum known as the NILI High School Leadership Institute (kNowledge, Identity, Leadership, Integrity). As part of NILI, our students participate in leadership seminars in 8th - 10th grade, each building on the knowledge gained in the previous year. The students begin by exploring leadership through biblical characters and stories, and ultimately meet with a variety of local Jewish leaders, from the head of the JCC, to the mayor, to a local police officer.

Beth El's Hebrew High program has a variety of other highlights including the CALM Program (Community Action Leadership Mini-camp), a three week session, after Passover, where students participate in community projects. Students also look forward to our Confirmation Israel Experience, two glorious weeks in Israel with the rabbi and fellow synagogue graduating classes. We also have Special Programming and Trips, including trips to New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia, each balancing engaging Jewish learning with pleasurable exploration of the places we visit.


For more information about the Beth El Hebrew High School please contact Kimberly Chandler at kchandler@bethelsnj.org.

Hebrew High Calendar (2013-2014)

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