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    Week of  October 5-9, 2015  (22-26 Tishrei 5776) 

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    Week of  October 12-16, 2015  (29 Tishrei- 3 Cheshvan 5776) 

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    Week of  October 19-23, 2015  (6 - 10 Cheshvan 5776) 

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    October 10, 2015 ~ 27 Tishrei 5776

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    October 11, 2015 ~ 21 Tishrei 5776

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      SUKKOT Erev Sukkot Sunday, September 27 Evening Services          

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President’s Message

  Lauren Soll

EXCITING!!! This was springtime at Beth El.  Yom Ha’Atzmaut Celebration with Bret Stephens, Clergy Dinner, Mitzvah Day and Family Fun Night were some of the major events that took place at Beth El.

As a congregation, we also participated in a very special and inspirational Shabbat service. On May 16th, our Hazzan and her family celebrated their son Joshua becoming a Bar Mitzvah in our beautiful Sanctuary. Every Shabbat, our Hazzan gives us 110% by leading services and making sure that every Bar/Bat Mitzvah child is prepared for their special day.  With her love, warmth and compassion, Hazzan is constantly reassuring each and every child that they will do great and that everyone will be proud of them.  Her mantra of “loud and proud” starts at the initial meeting she has with every child and continues for over ten months with constant reminders throughout the service on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah day. On this special Shabbat morning, it was about Hazzan, Josh and their family and it was our turn as congregants to give back the love and support that she has always given us.  There were over 700 family and friends in attendance - What a tribute!! The service was beautiful and beyond meaningful with the participation of so many Rabbis and Hazzanim. When you add in Hazzan singing with her siblings and the participation of our own Beth El choir for the Mi Sheberach, there were very few dry eyes when I looked out from the bimah.  That Shabbat morning was not just about prayer, reflection and Torah; it was also about love. THIS is what makes our Beth El family so special.  We care and we are there for each other.  Beth El is about love and warmth and it is infectious. THIS is one of the many reasons why families want to join our synagogue.


In April, I sent out a letter to the congregation indicating personnel changes that have already taken place and others that will be taking place over the next few months. The new faces you will be seeing at Beth El are people who have tremendous leadership skills, creativity and enthusiasm and we look forward to their joining our Beth El family. In the spirit of our synagogue, and of love and warmth, let’s begin by welcoming our new personnel and making them feel part of the Beth El family.  Take the time to introduce yourself when you are in the office or at services and get to know the new faces of Beth El.


Even though it is summertime, the Beth El staff and our volunteers continue to work on creative projects and programs to  offer and inspire our congregants. Think about your role at Beth El and what you want to see or how to make your spiritual experience more meaningful. If you have an idea for a program or event, share it with us. We encourage input and value your opinion. Also, think about joining a committee at Beth El and getting more involved. I encourage you to take ownership of your beautiful synagogue and all we have to offer.

  I hope everyone has a happy, heathy, safe and restful summer.  

~ Lauren Soll